About Us

Markets can be a mad place but there is a method to madness!

We are at core: Intermarket analysts who have devoted a significant part of our lives to understand correlations between asset classes. These skills are then leveraged to the trading world as we identify trading trends and patterns hours/days before they present themselves. Trend trading is considered to be the most profitable strategy. The most profitable section of a trend is the early to mid section of the trend, therefore vitally important to catch them early. We at Capital3x focus on Intermarket analysis to create and validate developing trends in FX, Commodities, Equities and Bonds. This is a specialized and highly niche area of analysis and one that is still developing.

Assets can no longer be analyzed in isolation. The world after after 2008, has seen asset correlation rising and therefore intermarket analysis is highly useful in predicting asset moves. Intermarket Analysis is a tool kit that you as trader cannot do without.

Some of the technical indicators that feed into the signally system are:

  • Vortex Indicator
  • DMI Indicators
  • Stochastic
  • RSI
  • Moving Average (over different time frames to understand confluence points)
  • Volatility Charts and Volatility Stochastic(On both Price and Volume)
  • Trend lines
  • Three Month High-Lows
  • Average True Range
  • Bishop Signals
  • Inside/Outside Days
  • Charting (Bear/Bull flag formation)