Trade Copier FAQ

A few questions concerning the Capital3x Trade Copier membership are answered below

What is the ideal trading capital for trading forex?
Ideally the capital that is exposed to forex trading should be not more than 30% of your overall available cash after accounting for all liabilities. Spot forex trading is highly speculative and extremely short term in nature there fore you need to be careful on how much capital do you expose to volatility of forex markets.

What is the ideal trading capital for being part of Captial3x Trade Copier?
We do not allow any subs to be below the trading capital of USD 5,000 but We recommend your base to be USD 10,000.

Do I need an MT4 broker?
Yes MT4 enabled platform is necessary for your account to take our trades. Any of the brokers with MT4 platform will suffice. We do advise you to do the required background check on brokers before you sign up with them.

What is the procedure to sign up and setup the Trade Copier
It is very simple. Please check the link: Managed account setup

Do I need to run the Capital3x trade copier 24/5?
Yes. The trade copier on your MT4 needs to be online during the full week. This can be easily achieved by deploying your MT4 on a VPS.

What is a good VPS that you can recommend?
There are many good VPS in the market. The free amazon VPS is recommended. A video showing the deployment of a MT4 on a VPS can be seen here:
Deploying MT4 on a VPS

Can you host my MT4 on your servers as I cannot manage my own VPS?
Yes we do host client MT4 on our servers. You need to sign up for this plan at our Membership page: “Trade Copier with Hosting“. Please check the availability at the membership page if it is being accepted. Once registered, you need to provide us your MT4 login and password and download link, and we take care of the rest. You can open the MT4 terminal anytime and you can see your trades and performances. We will be managing your entire account without any further work from you. You can always login to the to check the trades and your account. You can also open your MT4 anytime and check the trades and performance.

Which broker do you suggest?
Any broker with tight spreads and who have MT4 platform would suffice for Capital3x Trade copier.

Any special instructions regarding the kind of account to be opened at a broker?
It is important that your broker allows trading of micro lots like 0.05 and 0.01.

What is the ideal trade copier lotmultiplier?
The master capital3x account started off with a equity of USD 10,000. It is now well over that amount. Even with the equity curve of the portfolio, Capital3x does not increase the risk on the account and trades as if the equity is still USD 10000.

The thumbrule for trade copier setting:
– If your trading captial is USD 10,000 implies LOTMULTIPLIER =1.
– If your trading captial is USD 20,000 implies LOTMULTIPLIER =2.
– If your trading captial is USD 5,000 implies LOTMULTIPLIER =0.5
– If your trading captial is USD 100,000 implies LOTMULTIPLIER =10

My trading capital is over USD 100K. Can I be part of the Capital3x?
Yes but there are different registration for subscribers with capital more than 100k. Please email for guidance.

What is the live trade room?
Live trade room is where you can be discussing the trades with the traders who are taking them. Almost all trades and positions are discussed at length.

What is the trading system followed? Is it a black box?
No it is not a black box. On the contrary we make every effort to communicate all the analysis and charts behind the trades. The aim of Capital3x has always been to make better traders of subs who may ultimately be independent. This is only possible via education and live analysis.

Will Capital3x carry a loss making position?
Yes it will. But the drawdown will be carefully monitored and positions will be averaged over prices even when pairs can go against the price. We turn loss making trades into profitable ones by averaging them. Always remember: ALL FOREX PAIRS RETRACE. SOME RETRACES ARE 30-40% AND SOME ARE 100%. BUT THEY ALL DO. FOREX TRADING IS NEVER A STRAIGHT LINE MOVE.

What is the ideal leverage?
This is a highly subjective question and one that depends on personal preference. The Capital3x master trades on a leverage of 50 cents to 1 pip. We recommend that you leverage of your account under permissible limits.

What is the type of Captial3x forex trading?
Capital3x trading involves a combination of scalp trades (50-100 pips) and positional trades (>+100 pips trades). In a positional strategy forex pairs are accumulated over time and over prices. For example AUDUSD was collected over different price points between 8900 to 9100 for a long move to 9220. The move took many days but ulimately netted over +500 pips across all positions.

Similarly USDCAD was collected in the month of April between prices of 1.0250 and 1.003 for a move to 1.04 which happened in May. The entire position netted +3000 pips which is why the May returns stood at 16%.

What happens when positional trend trading is not available or if pairs are not trending?
Capital3x will be scalping trades with tight stops and targets at 100 pips.

Does Captial3x offer a forex fund? If yes what is the process to be a fund investor?
Please email for guidance on how to be an investor to the C3X hedge fund.

Capital3x forex trades have done well making over 50% in 2013? Will the good run continue?
This is a tough question to answer but what we can anwser is that the drawdown on your capital will always be under 20% at all times. The Capital3x portfolio is hedged so it is unlikely to see a drawdown exceeding 10% in a month.

Is there a yearly membership available?
Yes but only to existing members who have spent a few months with us.

What are the membership packages?
Please visit Membership

Where is the Live Trade Room situated?
The Live Trade Room is located at Trade Room

Are there live client accounts which we can see?
Yes. Please email and we will be more than happy to point to myfxbook links of real clients and how they have used the copier over the last many months.

Thank you